Gryphon Inc

Endorse Company
Gryphon Inc., as the midwest distributor of Oneac Power Conditioning products. We have continued selling Oneac products, adding new products as Oneac introduced them or allied product lines from other manufacturers that filled gaps in our product family. We have always made sure that the products we offered were of the highest quality and would perform just as they were intended. Our power protection products must improve the reliability of our customers micro-processor based systems or we won't sell them. We will only sell the best products and only when those products will solve the customer's problem. Our business is weighted heavily toward consulting - consulting that we most often provide free.Our customers can come in any shape or size because almost anyone with equipment based on sensitive micro-processor technology can benefit from the added security of our power protection products. Our customer may have a location needing just one of our products; we solve the problem and never hear from them again! Our customer may also be a large manufacturer of some complex electronic system who appreciates the value of having that system protected by one of our products. That large manufacturer will specify our products with his own to assure that his product will not be adversely affected by his customer's poor quality power. Our worldwide customer base includes all markets: system manufacturers; service organizations; telecom installers; retail automation specialists; medical equipment manufacturers; hospitals; office automation consultants; specialized industrial applications; and more. Sometimes, we can't diagnose the problem from only a description of the symptoms. In those cases we have specialized power and environment testing equipment that can be sold to or rented by the customer to obtain a detailed technical analysis of the power problem. This assures that we will always propose the correct product to solve the customer's specific problem. We also carry an extensive inventory of power protection products to more quickly respond to your needs.