Goto Precision Engineering Co., Ltd.

Endorse Company
Goto Precision Engineering Co. Ltd. We consider it our honor to have earned the deep trust of all our customers as a 'High Precision Stamping Component Manufacturer' for the 40 years since the company's establishment in 1962. We deeply appreciate the continued patronage of all our customers. Since the introduction of CI in 1999, we have assumed it as our 'second foundation period.' Aware of the social role played by the corporate world more than ever, we will strive to develop a company with a strong presence. Gotos' insatiable quest for technology supports the advanced technology in the electronics and communication fields. We pride ourselves on being a company that can provide indispensable technology. All of us here at Gotos will do our best to sustain the highest quality, precision and productivity, and will continue as engineers with high values. In these endeavors, we would greatly appreciate your continuing support to GPE = Gotos.