Gordon N Stowe and Assoc Inc

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For 50 years, Gordon N. Stowe & Assoc. has provided audiologists and hearing aid professionals with quality audiometric equipment. We proudly represent and distribute all brands of audiometers, tympanometers, impedance meters, OAE, ABR, ENG, Real Ear, Soundrooms, Software and more. In addition, we provide on site service for all distributed equipment. Our goal is to provide quality service, training and support to Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Professionals, Audiologists, Hearing Aid Dispensers, Audioprosthologist, Pediatricians, Family Physicians, Schools, and others within the industry.We are a firm dedicated to providing the professional hearing testing community with the highest quality instrumentation available, supported by a knowledgeable staff trained in the use and operation of that instrumentation. Our firm is comprised of 53 people: audiologists, trained sales and support staff, electrical and electronic engineers committed to providing you support when you require it…whether it be in instrument training/operation or in service requirements. Gordon N. Stowe and Associates, since 1956, has earned the trust of the vast majority of audiologists, audiology clinics, universities and Ear-Nose-Throat physicians in the Midwest to become their clinical instrument provider of choice.