Goodwin Biotechnology Inc

Endorse Company
While many CMOs entered the biotechnology CMO market as a for-profit organization, GBI has a different heritage. Born from the Goodwin Institute for Cancer Research, one of the first manifestations was the value of blending scientific expertise with a passion for the patient. This fueled a number of promising advancements in the treatment of cancer at the bench top level. The rigors of scaling up with therapeutics to test that promise, coupled with governmental rules and regulations, fueled an important business decision in 1992, Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc. was born. Since then, we've maintained one key attribute, a focus on the patient. That's what motivates us to do a great job on your project. In the biologics CMO niche, GBI was the first to engineer the concept of "full integration", which enables us to work with our clients from Proof of Concept through the manufacture of pre-clinical, clinical trial products. It a process we termed "GMPnization". In other words, we begin with the end in mind. We employ cGMP quality from the initial production step of developing the genetically engineered "production" cell line all the way through scale up and vialing of the final biopharmaceutical product. GBI has an enviable reputation for regulatory compliance and, throughout our history, we have completed nearly 400 projects for more than 100 U.S. and international clients and assisted in the filing INDs for client products.