Gomedis SPRL

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Gomedis Holter Supplies Profile Gomedis is a Belgian Company commercializing various ECG holter recorders, ABPM monitors, Rest ECG and Stress ECG systems. As distributors for Holter Supplies (a French company), Gomedis is searching resellers for Germany and Northern European Countries. Holter supplies develops AFT holter recorders and Quick Reader Software in collaboration with prestigious teams of cardiology in order to deliver products with the following cardiologists' requirements: Make high quality traditional recording of ECG 24 or 48h in excellent conditions with a very small, light and wearied pendant recordersMake long duration recording detecting 100% of rare events, particularly paroxystic atrial fibrillation which is difficult to diagnose with usual recorders. AFT1000 recorder is able to record continuous ECG during 22 days. Quick Reader software analyses 22 days recording in one shot. Detect Sleep Apnea thanks to an additional flowmeter cable. Quick Reader software analyses parameters like respiratory flow, respiratory frequency, level of snoring, apneas and AHI index.