GI Supply Inc

Endorse Company
GI Supply is a medical manufacturer of specialty, endoscopic assist and diagnostic products. Our primary focus is providing useful, high quality products to our customers in a professional and timely manner, for their use during endoscopic procedures. The company was started more than twenty-five years ago by Dr. Frank Jackson, a gastroenterologist, a thought leader in the GI community and an entrepreneur that used his practical endoscopic experiences to identify needs that were not being addressed and designed products to better assist in procedures. The results were unique, cost-effective products that served to facilitate endoscopic procedures. One of Dr. Jackson's most successful ideas was to manufacture an endoscopic "tattoo" marker for the GI tract called Spot. Spot helps locate lesions in the colon so they can be better monitored or visualized for accurate excision of the tissue. The Spot brand is identified worldwide and is known as the number one endoscopic marker.Other innovative GI Supply products include diagnostics tests for Helicobacter pylori HpFast and HPOne, ViaDuct biliary and pancreatic stents with their unique "winged" design, and various bite blocks. GI Supply has long-standing relationships with physicians, nurses and their professional organizations and they look to GI Supply for leadership through innovative product design and development. Without these key end users' recognition and support, GI Supply would not enjoy such long-term success. GI Supply's newest product is the Polar Wand, an endoscopic cryotherapy system that offers a safe, simple means for controlled ablation of tissue in the GI tract.