Company Profile Exceeding quality with highest precision GFH is a qualified partner for process development, prototype and small batch manufacturing in the micro technology field and for the development and the design of specialised equipment to the customers requirements. Therefore GFH is in a position to offer its customers the entire range of the product development. Since its foundation in 1998, GFH has been focusing on laser technology. With the obtained know-how in interactions between the laser beam and the material and the experience in mechanical engineering, GFH develops, designs and distributes laser micro machines with highest requirements, which are qualified for industrial use. Laser micro machining & Laser micro machining systems Short-pulse lasers offer a unique tool which replaces conventional manufacturing methods with shorter processing times, improved quality and allows processing in entirely new areas. However, the beam tool itself is not sufficient in order to implement the properties of the laser beam economically - corresponding system technology is also required. Laser micro machining in medical technology Absolute reliability and the highest quality standards constitute core competencies in the field of medical technology. Here laser micro-processing is used for all materials, from plastics to sapphire up to precious metals. It permits high-precision processing, which plays a crucial role in the production of various operating room instruments and implants. For example, functions must be miniaturised in minimum invasion surgical instruments. Laser technology is used to cut channels as electrode guides into surgical needles or to produce micro-scalpels. On the other hand, extremely fine holes are required for other applications, for example to produce atomiser nozzles for medications that are inhaled. Here laser processing offers the required precision. Micro-structuring also allows specific surface characteristics to be achieved: a very smooth surface, for example, reduces wear in hip implants and makes them highly robust. Rough structures are advantageous in other areas of implant technology in order to allow better integration of the implant into the body. products GL.evo GL.compact Laser Micro Machining Drilling, micro drilling, precision drilling cutting, precision cutting, micro cutting deep engraving, ablation, 3D patterning, micro-patterning, texturing, structuring All materials are possible: Metal, hard metal, precious metal, stainless steel, glass, sapphire, ceramic, plastic, etc. terms: Precision production, micro machining, manufacturing, contract manufacturing, mechanical engineering, special engineering, construction, design, conceptual design, prototype, production machinery, production laser, USP, ultra-short pulse laser, micro, micro meters, nano, nano meter, fine