Gettig Technologies Inc

Endorse Company
Gettig began in 1952 in Spring Mills, Pennsylvania. The Gettig entities comprise a diverse set of intellectual and physical assets which have evolved since 1952 through ever increasing applications of innovation, differentiated service, honesty, integrity, and quality.Gettig possesses the unique ability to literally go from a "sketch on a napkin" to mass production quantities including design, prototype, tooling, molding, assembly, and packaging capabilities. In doing so we maintain strict adherence to specification and regulatory compliance. All this from a company where the personal touch still means something and of a size company where being nimble, quick, and responsible means a competitive edge for our customers. To be able to orchestrate all aspects of a major program within the Gettig family of companies means the true application of value engineering, simultaneous manufacture, and speed to market. We provide you with reliable information when you need it and the confidence for discretion and confidentiality.