George Glove Co Inc

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Since 1932 when George Shultz founded George Glove Company, Inc., our clients have counted on our quality merchandise, personal service and an extensive product line. Our hands-on approach has resulted in consistent customer satisfaction. Today, George Glove is one of the highest regarded distributors of gloves throughout the country.Our product line includes a vast array of styles for marching bands, military units, honor guards, police & fire personnel, hotel & hospitality staff, ceremonial groups and church ushers. Our gloves are shipped across North America from coast to coast. Our 100% white cotton Dermal Gloves are preferred by healthcare professionals and dermatologists. Widely favored by the cosmetic market, our While*U*Sleep Beauty Gloves are an industry best seller! From work gloves to winter gloves, give us a call or use your time now to view the Products listed on this website.