Genoss Co., ltd.

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About us Since Genoss was established in 2004, Genoss has made its best endeavor to be the world leading medical device company. Promotion of patients' health and lives are the best value of Genoss. Genoss is trying to prepare for a bigger leap forward into the endless competition of the world biotechnology market through our technical innovation. We will demonstrate to customers in worldwide our high technology and good quality of products based on skills, experiences and know-how of the field of domestic bio-accumulated. Genoss will strive to be the best hope for global company which can thrill all our customers around the world through constant researches, innovations and heavy investments as well as hiring the quality of human resources and staffs. Genoss will promise to be a human resources, technology, environment and customer - centric company. This is the view of Genoss you can see in the future. We always welcome any constant warm encouragement, love and reproach from our customers and business partners. Thank you.