General Econopak Inc

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General Econopak, Inc. provides solutions in the areas of aseptic technique, sterilization, cleanliness, and protection of personnel & equipment for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, veterinary, and allied markets. Among the many products made by General Econopak are Sterilization Wrapping Products, Equipment / Machine Covers, Cleanroom Wipers & Supplies, Protective Apparel, Cleanroom Apparel Packs, Vet Surgical Procedure Packs, Vet Surgical Gown Packs, and Vet Surgical Draping Systems. We are proud of our ability to provide products of excellent quality, supported by exceptional customer service and delivery. The GEPCO and Econ-o-Pak names are widely recognized by our customers throughout the world.For over 40 years, General Econopak has earned a reputation for expertise in solving our customers' toughest challenges and for providing delivery precisely when needed. We have validated manufacturing processes, certified cleanroom production capabilities, and documented technical data for all of our standard and custom designed products.