General Cardiac Technology

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Heart Hugger ‐ Sternum Support Harness can help prevent this andother complications after Cardiothoracic Surgery.  Heart Hugger is Medicare approved and FDA classified.Heart Hugger helps hospitals save money by reducing the chance of infection and post operative complications.Without sternal support, patients lack the confidence to continue with respiratory therapy exercises and coughingdue to extreme pain. This results in longer hospital stays and increased complication rates, which will now be paidfor by Hospitals, not Medicare.  Until recently, methods used to attempt sternal stability following a sternotomy have been folded sheets, towels,pillows and even stuffed animals. These methods provide no encircling support to the rib cage, are unavailable tothe patient when ambulating, and provide no lateral support to stabilize the wound and prevent dehiscence. Theseoutdated methods can easily fall to the floor, inviting infectious bacteria back to the wound.