Gehrke Sales GmbH

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Company Profile Gehrke Sales: Communication and Security Gehrke Sales GmbH develops, manufactures and distributes building-oriented, safety communication solutions. Analogue, digital or serverless. NeuroKom® IP Intercom systems realize direct communication for surgeries, hospitals, rehabilitation clinics etc. Fast and crystal clear intercom communication that saves lives, optimizes processes and increases efficiency. Departments, buildings and locations can be easily networked. As our security and communication solutions have many aspects, here are some possibilities: Intercom solutions for medical practises Lift emergency call according to EN 81 Disinfectants resistant stations Intercoms for operating theatres Operational and ward communication Integration of nurse call systems Control desk systems for gate, reception desk and hospital wards Doors, gates and barriers communication Access control for safety areas Public address and emergency communication Car parking communication systems Alarm announcements Networking of multiple locations Do you have any other requirements? Please contact us. You will be surprised how easily some things can be realized.