GEAF S.r.l.

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GEAF SRL Medical sector is the core business for company GEAF Depending on characteristics of plastic film GEAF can supply either radio-frequency welding plants or thermo-contact welding plants semi-automatic or fully automatic. Since last 15 years over 60% of GEAF production is made for several medical companies worldwide leaders for production of medical items, for example all kind of medical bags for hospital use (blood bags, IV bags, drainage and urine bags, enteral and parenteral feeding bags, ostomy bags), flexible filters for blood, packaging of catheters and vascular therapy items. GEAF staff cooperate with customer on preliminary design phase of a new product, realize prototype items, production pre-series until final delivery of production plant. This service is appreciated from market because it allows to use all possible resources to optimize production process. All plants produced from GEAF can be supplied on request with dedicated software system to control production parameters and handle them with QC supervision system. GEAF produce also welding plants for other market fields like for example automotive car components, babyhood items, orthopedic items, packaging and stationery items.