Galix Biomedical Instrumentation Inc

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The Galix GBI-3SM Digital Holter Monitor is an excellent synthesis of these qualities and much more. This device can store up to 72 hours true 3 channels, very high quality ECG. It is tiny and ultra light, so it is easy to carry, even for children (Pediatric Cardiology). It has a built-in display, which enables the physician to view each ECG channel signal and to check that the electrodes have a good contact with the skin. Being a computerized device, the GBI-3SM has the ability to perform some sort of online processing on the ECG signals, such as pacemakers' pulses detection. All the information is kept in a standard, low cost SD card. On the other hand, it is the Galix WinTer Holter Analyzer. The core of the analyzer is a powerful, yet easy to use (and install) software, which runs on Windows. Regarding hardware requirements, the WinTer software can run on, virtually, any recent computer.