Gabisa Medical International Ltda.-EPP

Endorse Company
THE COMPANY GMI, in its mission to meet the need and lack of resources in the hospital medical sector , met in 2003 through a Brazilian company opportunity you expected. Starts from that date the trajectory of GMI, growing success in the marketing of its products in 100 % silicone, it has become increasingly essential to health professionals. But that was not enough , in 2006 , a strategic decision accelerated the growth of the company, born GMI, located in the heart of Sorocaba. Parallel trade, product development projects to better aprimoração were prepared , always seeking suit the needs of its users , producing the same quality and standard products that were previously imported , thereby generating a better structural organization . Constantly growing, GMI has invested in facilities and new technologies, which allows us to act today nationwide agile and efficient way to meet with a trained international level structure.