Fulcrum Inc

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Fulcrum Inc., through its trademarked TORBAL™ product line, is providing a high quality line of Laboratory and Pharmacy Scales and Balances that serve a wide variety of needs. The electronic scales are all manufactured to the highest standards in an ISO 9001 facility. Reliability and quality have been the hallmark of TORBAL™ products for over 100 years. TORBAL™ has recently introduced a new line of digital electronic balances for the Laboratory and Analytical Balance markets. A number of these balances are available for commercial use having been certified by NTEP.All TORBAL™ Precision, Laboratory and Analytical scales are constructed with highest quality parts and components. With a robust die-cast metal housing and a superior force restoration load cell we are able to guarantee accuracy, quality and reliability.The Company offers excellent Warranties on all its products, and views customer service as a high priority obligation. TORBAL™ looks forward to regaining its position as a supplier of Laboratory and Analytical Balances. Our roots and rich history are reflected in the timeline below.