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Message / Philosophy We were established in 1951 as a small ironworks (then, “Fuji - Iron Works”) in Higashi Osaka City. During the War years, my father, the founder of the company, was called up for a military service and worked as a welder in Osaka Artillery Arsenal (a state arms factory located near Osaka Castle). After the war ended, he launched his own modest ironworks by utilizing the skills he acquired at the arms factory. In the year of our 60th anniversary, we moved to Ikoma City, Nara Prefecture where we inaugurated our new office and factory buildings equipped with the most advanced machining tools, a clean facility for manufacturing high-quality medical equipment. We were overjoyed at this new development and also filled with deep gratitude to our dear customers. Our strength is the total support system provided by our designing staff who have high medical expertise and rich experience to work in cooperation with our customers from the development stage to the completion of production. In our manufacturing processes, we also fully utilize our industrial network in East Osaka area to incorporate a wide variety of processing technologies. Our production is not simply limited to making parts, but we offer expert proposals and manufacture products or equipment according to our customers’ requests. We ask for your continuous support as we keep striving to progress as a medical equipment developer and OEM manufacturer while flexibly accommodating the needs of our customers in an effort to live up to our company name, FUJI FLEX.