FSWY Tech-Development Pte. Ltd.

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Breakthrough Leading Natural Energy Therapy To respond to WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023, “To promote universal health coverage by integrating T&CM services into health service delivery and self-health care by capitalizing on their potential contribution to improve health services and health outcomes, and by ensuring users are able to make informed choices about self-health care.” In Singapore, FSWY Tech-Development Pte. Ltd. was founded by Ruijian Qiu, senior TCM lecturer, who graduated from Columbia Southern University, USA, in 2002 and received a master's degree in MBA. 1999 graduated from the Beijing health promotion of Chinese medicine correspondence college. Served as commissioner of International Exchange Committee of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Association, business manager & senior lecturer in Beijing Hanci Healthcare Co., Ltd. & Beijing Hanci Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, TCM healthcare consultant in Beijing Baicaotang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. Mr. Qiu is engaged in the traditional health care rehabilitation management, studying natural torsion field energy in self-health care, by combining “essence, qi, vitality " and "nutrition, energy, health".