Fraunhofer-Institut für Photonische Mikrosysteme IPMS

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Company Profile About us The Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden is your access to know-how, expertise and modern R&D infrastructure in the fields of Micro Electromechanical Systemes (MEMS & MOEMS), optical sensors and actuators, integrated circuitsand systems for the wireless data and energy transmission. The Fraunhofer IPMS is one of66 institutes of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the leading organization for applied research in Germany, and also in Europe. Relying on 20,000 employees, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft has a research budget of2 billion euros. Two thirds of this sum are generated through industrial commissions and publicly financed research projects. In the business unit "Wireless Microsystems" interdisciplinary system solutions are developed in the fields Life Sciences and microelectronics or micro systems engineering. The purpose of this business field is to develop innovative solutions to maintain and improve quality of life. For example: systems which measure and monitor vital bodily functions such as cardiovascular activity, temperature, blood pressure and respiration, physical activity and weight, just to name a few. Systems such as these are being implemented in modern medicine, in the care of the elderly and handicapped, as well as in the fields of sports and leisure, fitness and wellness. They are also finding increasing use in the monitoring of employees with notably high levels of responsibility, such as pilots or engine drivers. The development of microelectronic components for the improvement and enhancement of implant functionality is one further core area in this business field.