Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation

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Business Environment of KBIC – Largest Cluster of Japan Please check our Summary at our Company Profile Category and find attached more information about Kobe Biomedical Innovation Cluster which lead you to a future success in the Japanese medical device market. Our foundation was established in 1992 with the main mission to support outstandingly local SMEs' business expansions in hiring top talents & enhancing HR-development, in promoting business collaborations among our medical technology & biotech members and in increasing trading & investment opportunities in Kobe and abroad. KBIC, which is one of the biggest biomedical/lifescience clusters in Japan, is adjacent to Sannomiya, the heart of City of Kobe. City of Kobe has flourished as an international hub port and opened to people from all over the world. National research institutes such as “Riken”, universities, colleges, hospitals as well as member companies’R&D bases are located in this area. The number of the bases of related companies amounts to more than 280. Some global companies, for instance, Boehringer Ingelheim, Johnson & Johnson, Sanofi, St.Jude and Covidien have also R&D research institutes and training centers there. KBIC is well designed to separate between residential and working place even it is very close to Sannomiya. In addition, it is easy to secure human resources and find ideal partners if you would like to. KBIC is strategically focusing on the following three fields: innovative drug, regenerative medicine and medical device development. KBIC’s key-organizations such as FBRI(Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation), Kobe City and SME Support(Organization for Small & Medium Enterprises and Regional Innovation)take care excellently of your business development in Japan with: - Continuous follow-up to business partnering with other member companies and local firms - Introduction of a wide range of specialists in technical, regulatory & tax fields. Our business support system by experienced coordinators and advisors will perfectly satisfy your requirements. Japanis the 2nd largest medical device market as single country which equals €23.1 billion or 11% of the total world market and the ageing society ofJapanis outweighing all other nations. Based on our rapidly increasing medical demands is our government primary focused to support medical device development in our country and welcoming your innovative international company inJapan. For the Healthcare Brokerage Event 2014 we are searching for new partners with Japanese & Asian markets interests and who can collaborate with our Japanese medical-related companies and regional experts. Akira Umesawa, City ofKobeat MEDICA Hall 16 – B51