FOMENTEX - Fundación para el fomento del sector textil

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FOMENTEX FOMENTEX, The Foundation for the Development of Textile Sector of the Comunidad Valencia was born in ATEVAL, Association of the Valencian Textile Companies, for these reason, ATEVAL has partnership links and contact with other institutions and bodies of different domains. The Foundation is aimed at Organization, Promotion and Valencian Textile cluster development and its cooperation with other Spanish or foreigners, as well as, innovation in products, processes or materials and participation in international, national and regional processes development, knowledge management, the revitalization of the sector by promoting training, innovation, internationalization and cooperation, and finally, the promotion, innovation and adaptation to the change in the textile sector. But the main objective of FOMENTEX is the Public-Private cooperation for the benefit of the industry, the implementation and dissemination of studies, research and reports about business management and the industry, the canalization of industry proposals obtained through surveys, panels, exploratory sessions and other participatory means, the promotion of activities in the sector, canalization of public and private aids; Promotion of plans to improve competitiveness, internationalization and cooperation between companies from the sector, as well as the realization of training activities, outreach and support for the benefit of the sector companies. The development of these aims is carried out by own means of the Foundation, based on cooperation with authorities and other organizations (including Public Administrations) and obtaining the collaboration of the technical offer market. ATEVAL always aims to promote tools which improve the competitiveness of companies, for what it was agreed in the Executive Committee of ATEVAL the creation of the Foundation for the promotion of Valencian textile industry of the Comunidad Valenciana, in order to stimulate even more the sector and the valencian textile cluster.