Focus Diagnostics Inc.

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About Focus Diagnostics, Inc. Focus Diagnostics, Inc. manufactures and distributes molecular and serology products worldwide. An exclusive global distribution agreement with 3M™ brought the Integrated Cycler and the Simplexa™ Real-Time PCR assays to the marketplace in 2009. Since then, Focus Diagnostics commercially introduced five kits in the US, CE marked more than 10 kits, and launched more than 50 primer pairs, molecular controls and reagents. The ever-growing menu of molecular products expanded from infectious diseases to genetic mutations, including Flu A/B & RSV, HSV-1 & HSV-2, C. difficile, and Factor II & Factor V. Initial development of Simplexa™ assays was on the Universal Disc (96 wells) with samples requiring extraction. Focus Diagnostics quickly expanded development to direct for the Universal Disc, which was then followed up with the eight-well Direct Amplification Disc (DAD). Simplexa™ Direct assays require no extraction of samples and provide results in about an hour. The Simplexa™ molecular chemistries and Integrated Cycler are the recipients of three accolades since their marketplace debut. The Simplexa™ and 3M™ technology received back-to-back Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) for in vitro diagnostic innovation and design - receiving a gold-level award in 2011 and a bronze-level award in 2012. The Simplexa™ and 3M™ technology were also recognized with a bronze Edison Award in 2011 for new science and medical diagnostic product, based on criteria that included technological innovation and marketplace success. Focus Diagnostics also plays a role in the discovery and surveillance of emerging infectious diseases through the development of serological testing, and is an ISO-certified manufacturer of DxSelect™ ELISA and IFA products and HerpeSelect® type-specific HSV serology. Focus Diagnostics is a wholly owned subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics Incorporated. Visit our Web site ( for additional company and product information.