Faxitron Bioptics Inc

Endorse Company
Building the First Cabinet X-Ray System. The original Faxitron cabinet x-ray system was invented in the late '60s by physics pioneer Joseph Edmonds Henderson who would go on to head the illustrious Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington. Henderson also invented the betatron and synchrotron, which may explain the ‘tron' in our product's name.The HP Years. The untimely death of one of his partners compelled Edmonds to sell his business, Field Emission Corporation, to Hewlett-Packard in 1974. HP recognized the great potential in the Faxitron product line and adopted the process for use in manufacturing miniaturized silicon chips.Faxitron X-Ray Corporation Emerges. On December 20, 1993, Faxitron X-Ray was incorporated by a group of private investors who purchased the Faxitron cabinet x-ray systems product line from Hewlett-Packard. A short time later, the new company acquired the Torrex™ x-ray system product line from EG&G Astrophysics Research Corporation, which enabled them to further penetrate the NDT market.