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About us FareTec, Inc. is a Medical device manufacturer, founded in 1991. Our facility is located in Painesville OH, 20 miles East of Cleveland. We specialize in devices for pre-hospital care both in the civilian and military markets, domestically and abroad. For years, the company's primary focus has been on splints and various immobilization devices. The QD-4, Hare style leg traction splint, has been an industry standard along with our ladder splints and utility splints. FareTec, Inc. has evolved in the 21st century by introducing the CT-EMS/CT-6 leg traction splint, LifeBox50 and the FS-3 Utility splint. These items represent the latest in leg traction, immobilization and insulation technology. Please visit their product pages for more details. In 2004 Responder Products was launched as a sister company to focus on export sales. It has been designed to function as a manufacturer's agent on specialty products to Europe, the Mid East and Austral-Asia countries. Learn more at the Responder Products website. In 2009 FareTec, Inc.. announced its latest line of products: the LifeBox50s. Rising requirements for Cold Therapy following cardiac arrest, along with increasing requirements for more stable drug and blood temperature controls, created a void in the market for a portable temperature controlled device. The LifeBox50 has been designed to solve these issues by combining a rugged transport container and state-of-the-art insulation panels. FareTec, Inc. is committed to customer service and quality products. If you have any questions please call or email us at any time. A list of our Distributors and links to their websites are located on the site as well.