Estar Medical Ltd.

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Tissue and Cells Regeneration Method Estar Medical Ltd. is a privately held medical-device company operating in the Biologics/Regenerative Medicine arena, being the inventor of the proprietary unique technology of the "Tropocells™ PRP System" ("Tropocells") - an advanced innovative Platelet Rich Plasma ("PRP") preparation system to obtain pure PRP. PRP is a fraction of autologous plasma with supraphysiological concentration of platelets. Platelets contain α granules, which comprise cytokines, growth factors and bioactive proteins essential for tissue repair and healing. Upon injury, platelets initiate blood coagulation and release growth factors that activate the healing response (PDGF/ TGF/ VEGF/ EGF etc.). These bioactive proteins initiate connective tissue healing; bone, tendon, cartilage and ligament regeneration and repair, promote development of new blood vessels and stimulate the wound healing process. The Tropocells PRP is a revolutionary repair system that uses the body’s own growth factors in the exact location where the patient wants the skin/wound to repair and rejuvenate itself. Among the key advantages of the Tropocells System: • Only 10 minutes centrifugation at 1500G to obtain pure PRP with its growth factors without Red Blood Cells and Granulocytes; • Expensive capital equipment is not required - simple low cost fix or swing centrifuge perfectly works with Tropocells; • The simple preparation process takes no more than 10-15 minutes from blood collection to PRP harvesting. The process ensures optimum concentration of platelets and their growth factors at a rate of 4-5 folds above base line; • The flexible and easy to use system enables the users to obtain higher/lower concentration by simply adjusting the amount of clear plasma removed from the tube • Patented gel separator for efficiency ensures clear PRP; • Activation and clot formation can be achieved for dental and wound healing; • The Tropocells is US patented, FDA cleared (510K for orthopedic applications) and CE certified (Class IIb). Estar Meidcal has an advanced products portfolio for a variety of designated applications, such as: aesthetic/dermatology, orthopedics & sports medicine, wound care, dentistry, veterinary, ophthalmology and others. Estar Medical is currently selling its products, directly and via distributors, in more than 50 countries worldwide under several brand-names: "Tropocells", "Cellenis", "Mycells" and "Eclipse Aesthetics" (the #1 selling PRP kit for aesthetics in the US). Estar Medical prides itself of being totally committed to the innovation and quality of its product portfolio as well as for creating the next generation of biologics products – thus, the Company's efforts continue to yield highly promising data backed by official clinical studies performed by well known clinicians and new intellectual property across a range of therapeutic areas. The products pipeline is based on Estar Medical's unique "Tropocells" platform and consists of the following products: • Novel PRP-based regenerative products combining PRP with a range of clinically & commercially valuable biologics, such as hyaluronic acid, collagen and bone substitutes; • BMAC System for concentrating bone marrow aspirate-derived cells; • Tropokine™ - System for autologous IL1-RA enrichment; • Autologous biological glues; • Autologous thrombin; • Advanced Stem-Cells therapeutics.