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Our company was establishing in year 2007, is a high-tech company to promote one-stop-style health care including colon hydrotherapy,Supersonic Spa, Lymphatic Therapy and variety of Health & beauty products.

In the 21st century, people daily intake of food through the complex conversion process turn into the growth activities of required and waste discharges, and the human body every day from the external environment to absorb many harmful substances. The body's metabolic waste and hazardous substances mainly through the four major excretory system -- the large intestine, skin, respiratory and urinary tract discharges. In this four kind excretory system, the large intestine is the most important and commonly majority of people ignore health of an excretory system.

If the body's metabolic waste generated without emit, long time accumulation in the body, the large intestine absorbed the harmful toxins and then return to the blood, and caused : rough skin, hemorrhoids, constipation, liver complaint, cardiovascular disease, arteriosclerosis, stroke, hypertension, cancer (colorectal cancer, breast cancer), obesity...and so on, so if you ignore importance to the body internal environmental protection, health will gradually away from you.

Therefore, more and more people attention to health and diseases understanding the intestinal health importance, in the colon hydrotherapy and the natural soluble fiber with the help of the body can improve constipation, diarrhea rectify, regulate intestinal flora imbalance, to prevent colorectal cancer, and beauty hydration, remove colour spot and acne, weight loss and so on. It is used after filtration and ultraviolet disinfection of clean water into the intestines, by hydraulic movements, with the help of professionals in our company, so that the colon to enhance peristalsis, facilitate bowel fold filth peel off to thoroughly clean intestines and discharges toxins, make our feel clean, relaxed and radiant.

Our company business purpose is quality first and service first, insist on people-oriented business philosophy, excellent quality comes from our adherence to every detail, customer satisfaction from our sincere dedication.

We are committed to honest attitude to requite the industry to our kindness and support, in order to achieve this goal, our company will unswervingly continue to improve management level of the inflow of talent, to provide customers with more convenient, high-quality products and services. Continuous innovation, steady development, the pursuit of quality, customer satisfaction.