Dymedix Corp

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Dymedix was founded in April 1998. Our founder Peter Stasz was amazed by the lack of new technology that had come to Sleep Medicine over the preceding few decades. He was an accomplished engineer that had years of experience in other areas of medical products and he thought he could bring some new thinking to sleep. He set about to develop superior sleep sensors utilizing the far more sensitive polyvinylidene fluoride film technology. Thermistors and thermocouples had been around for years and were only adequate for looking at apneas. They were very slow and have proven to do a poor job with pediatrics. Eventually pressure transducers came on the scene to better look at hypopneas but they were cursed with cannula, the bane of all sleep patients and technicians.The basis of all of our thinking at Dymedix is, "Does it advance the Science of Sleep?" "And can we make it better?" If it doesn't get an affirmative answer to both of these questions we don't do it. Our focus is very clear. Sleep sensors and electrodes for sleep studies that provide the very best data available.We are not the biggest but we do believe we are the best. No one will provide you with better service or better innovation.