Company Profile About Us DST Diagnostische Systeme & Technologien GmbH is a company that specializes in allergy and food intolerance in vitro diagnostics and in the production of high quality allergen extracts. DST GmbH develops, manufactures and markets a range of in vitro diagnostics products, both point of care (POC) and laboratory tests, that cater to different laboratory and healthcare professional market segments. Allergy diagnostics: major products of DST GmbH include specific IgE POC tests - FastCheckPOC® 20 (20 allergens semi-quantitative rapid test) and FastCheckPOC® (12 allergens qualitative rapid test)- and specific IgE ELISA Kit (different and customizable panels of inhalation and food allergens are available). Food Intolerance diagnostics: DST GmbH will be launching the world's first 30-minute Food Intolerance rapid test NutriSMART (57 foods tested with just a single drop of finger prick blood) at MEDICA 2015. Other Food intolerance tests include POCT test cerascreen Rapid G4 (12-food rapid test) and laboratory test specific IgG4 ELISA Kit (customizable food panels - 44 foods, 88 foods, 184 foods and 280 foods). DST's POC products require onlysmall amounts of capillary or heparin blood,and these tests come as complete kits and do not require any further equipment or readers. All DST in vitro diagnostic products are manufactured using in-house produced inhalation and food extracts, thus ensuring thequality of the tests. DST also hasmore than 600 Food and Inhalation allergen extracts on offer. DST is ISO certified and the tests are CE -marked.