DRE Medical LLC

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Company Profile Corporate Background Since DRE's beginning in 1984, we have grown to be one of the largest and most reliable worldwide distributors of new andpreowned medical equipment. DRE's prides itself on bringing value to the marketplace with high quality equipment at reasonable prices. DRE has been a leader in refurbishing used medical equipment for many years. About10 years ago, DRE expanded to become a complete new and preowned medical equipment supplier. In 2000 we expanded into a new 18,000 square foot warehouse allowing us to keep up with demand and better service our customer base. Today DRE offers complete new lines of Anesthesia Machines, Critical Care Monitors, Surgery Lighting, Electrosurgical Generators, Surgical Tables, Blanket Warmers, and more. With our professional refurbished products the combination allows DRE to provide clients worldwide with a one stop complete solution for their exam and operating room environments.