DJO Surgical

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DJO Surgical designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes orthopedic surgery products around the world. Reconstructive total joint implants for the hip, knee and shoulder are the core businesses of the Surgical Implant Division. In a very fast growing segment of the orthopedics market, this division has been outpacing the growth of its competitors for several years.Surgical implants have been a core product offering of the Company since its formation in April 1992, when several executives with significant experience in the orthopedics industry joined with a small original equipment manufacturer of orthopedic implants and related instruments. DJO Surgical's first product, the Foundation Knee System, was introduced in Europe in late 1992 and in the United States in February 1993 after receiving FDA 510(k) clearance. DJO Surgical also obtained registration for this product in Japan, where sales began in late 1994. Since that time, DJO Surgical has developed and obtained regulatory clearance for over 100 additional orthopedic total joint products, trauma products, spinal products and product improvements. DJO Surgical is now selling its implant products in the United States, Europe, Japan and the Middle East.Today, DJO Surgical's knee, hip and shoulder product offerings include many different product variations to suit a wide range of applications, patient and surgeon requirements. In addition to conventional technologies, the Company has developed and markets many leading edge, proprietary patented devices including: the 3DKneeTM, KeramosTM ceramic-on-ceramic acetabular hip implant and the Reverse Shoulder Prosthesis.