DITG GmbH Deutsches Institut für Telemedizin und Gesundheitsförderung

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Company Profile About us A warm welcome to the DITG German Institute for Telemedicine and Health Promotion The DITG was founded in March 2013 in Düsseldorf. The purpose of the company is the organisation and publication of studies on research into whether there is an interaction between lifestyle or rather nutritional habits and various diseases. Telemedical care and treatment of patients in primary, secondary and tertiary prevention are included in the range of services of the DITG. Its unique selling proposition is the bundling of various telemedical services with the aim of helping the party concerned in the long term with professional services. DITG co-operates and works together with many companies from different sectors, such as pharmaceuticals, health insurance funds, telecommunications etc., and so important contents normally spread over different sources can be offered those affect in a manner easily understood. The DITG serves the development of innovative scientific concepts focusing on health sciences. The DITG is ideally situated to use its planning skills to test and evaluate concepts professionally and to place them in the market. The DITG undertakes studies in the domain of telemedicine with the aim of validating concepts for its customers under the scientific direction of Prof. Martin, head of Diabetology and director of the “Westdeutsches Diabetes- und Gesundheitszentum (WDGZ)”. Based on the results of the respective study the DITG suppots its customers to develop their business model and keep them abreast of the fast-moving changes in market requirements. The DITG concentrates on chronic diseases. Currently a project is under way involving a coaching approach for type II diabetes patients. Concepts and studies concerning other chronic diseases will follow successively. A characteristic of the DITG is the warranty of the highest medical and scientific quality in conjunction with the development of innovative concepts and associated empirical evidence for research into effectiveness.