Diagnostic Equipment Service Corp

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DESCO Medical offers medical equipment field service, clinical engineering asset management and peer-to-peer training. We have the service capabilities and experience to support all the departments within a major hospital, yet cater to healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes.In the past couple of years, DESCO has redefined our presence in the service industry by improving our account management processes, offering more frequent employee technical training and education and expanding our service offerings. DESCO can help ensure that you have the perfect amount of coverage in the right areas based on your specific facility's mix of equipment. If field service or supplemental staffing is the best fit, DESCO will help ease the administrative burdens that accompany the coordination, cost and time of dealing with medical equipment repair and maintenance. Whatever the solution, DESCO Medical can help determine what is the most effective for you. The only way DESCO can be assured we are offering what our Field Service Engineers and internal administration need to properly support you is through our Continuous Improvement Initiative Team (CII), which is a constant work in progress. The objective is to seek out ways to improve how we deliver value to our employees and our customers. We are constantly setting metrics and analyzing our efforts to ensure a constant state of motion in the direction of progress. DESCO Medical looks to be a resource to fellow biomeds and clinical engineers; healthcare administration at all levels; and vendors who offer similar services. We are a small industry with great responsibility. DESCO has the knowledge base to make your life easier. At DESCO, we keep it working, so you can…