Dexerials Corporation

Endorse Company
Vision “Value Matters – Unprecedented innovation, unprecedented value.” As stated in our corporate vision, Dexerials aims to generate values that exceed our customers’ expectations with unique and innovative technologies. We fulfill our customers’ needs and resolve their challenges with sophisticated functional materials developed through advanced material and processing technologies that support cutting-edge products in the fields of electronics, environment and new energy. In doing so, we contribute to enhancing the quality and richness of both life and our environment. We firmly believe in the importance of visiting our customers’ workplace, listening carefully to their requests and concerns, sharing their challenges, and ultimately producing unprecedented value for their future. Furthermore, it is our mission to cultivate staff who can perform these duties competently as creators of value. Value Matters. Our ability to develop new technologies, our persistent effort to create value, our integrity and our sincerity in working with our customers as partners are the qualities that define and distinguish us from the rest. Look forward to a brighter future brought to you by Dexerials.