Deringer-Ney Inc.

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Company Profile About Deringer Deringer began over 60 years ago producing ultra-small, precision metal components and electrical contacts. The J.M. Ney Companywas the 5th oldest continually operating company in the United States. Ney was started in 1812 as one of the first gold refineries in America. Local dentists began using Ney's Gold in rope and pellet form to fill cavities and formal dental products were offered in 1828. Through the early 1900's special dental alloys were developed and Ney produced cast clasps, bridgework, partials and inlays for the dental industry. J.M. Ney also introduced "Option" material, a Palladium-based Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal product. By vertically integrating a wide range of capabilities you can consolidate your supplier base to achieve...your total solution from a single source.