Denton Vacuum Inc

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Denton Vacuum designs and manufactures systems to deposit ultra-thin metallic and dielectric coatings. These coatings are used in industrial and research applications ranging from optics, semiconductors, electro-optics, display, tribology, medical devices, to telecommunications. The ultra high purity required for the films that are in many cases just a few atoms thick, require that the deposition processes occur in a vacuum. Denton Vacuum is an organization based on and driven by process know-how. Denton's 130+ man-years of process know-how expertise in evaporation, sputtering and ion-assisted processes is the foundation on which the company has been built. Process know-how is delivered to Denton's customer base through state-of-the-art controls and automation that in turn, drive best-in-class hardware/subsystems. This skill set allows Denton Vacuum to analyze the unique and exacting product requirements of each customer and provide a specific, high-yield process solution on a robust, high-uptime system platform.