Decal Chemical Corp

Endorse Company
Decal is a gentle decalcifier formulated from semiconductor grade hydrochloric acid, EDTA, and highly purified reagent grade water. Decal can be used to safely decalcify all types of tissue samples from small needle biopsies to dense cortical bone. It is so mild that most samples can be left in Decal overnight. With Decal, over decalcification is never a worry. Decal Stat™ is a decalcifier which is formulated to work faster than Decal. It can also be used on all types of calcified tissue but is especially popular for use on bone marrow samples. Decal Stat will decalcify the average bone marrow biopsy in less than one hour.Sections will cut more easily and all types of routine and special stains work flawlessly. Cellular and nuclear details remain crisp and clear.