DARE!! Services B.V.

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About DARE!! The organisation DARE!! is a private holding company with several operating companies. Each operating company has its own core business. The activities of the various companies support and complement the other companies. The mission of the DARE!! operating companies is: to deliver high quality services and products relating to EMI/EMC/ESD, automotive, radio, telecom, product safety, electronics and computer services, thereby enabling our customers to realize a greater level of performance. DARE!! was founded May 1st 1992 by: Patrick Dijkstra René Dijkstra Caroline Dijkstra-Wit Ingrid Dijkstra-van Wensveen At the moment (September 2015) DARE!! offers employment to 48 people. DARE!! is an acronym for Dijkstra Advice, Research & EMC!! or Dijkstra Advies, Research & EMC!!