Dane Technologies Inc

Endorse Company
Dane Technologies designs, develops and manufactures innovative power-assist solutions used throughout healthcare, industrial and retail markets. Dane Technologies serves organizations throughout North America, Europe and Asia including Johns Hopkins, VA Hospitals, Target, Tesco (UK), IBM, Wal*Mart and Disney. An extensive network of trained and experienced local service companies supports Dane Technologies' clients.When it comes to pushing and maneuvering shopping carts, pushing trolleys, or other equipment, pushing patients in wheelchairs, hospital beds, sit to stand power wheelchairs, automobiles, trucks, trailers, aircraft, or almost any heavy wheeled load, either directly, by remote control, or down an assembly line, Dane Technologies has the safest, most technologically advanced, productive, proven and reliable solution you're looking for. The same advanced technology is applied when your needs are pulling or tugging shopping carts, trolleys, material, equipment, automobiles, trucks, trailers, aircraft, parts carts or input materials to manufacturing cells or almost any heavy wheeled load.