Cytonix Inc

Endorse Company
The Cytonix Corporation, which was founded in 1985 as CytoFluidics, Inc., began as a startup company in the University of Maryland Technology Advancement Program. Initial goals were the development of proprietary concepts for digital microfluidic circuits using electrowetting of hydrophobic surfaces and for 2-fluid control systems with hydrophobic and hydrophilic micro structures. Substantial effort was focused on the development of hydrophilic, hydrophobic and super-hydrophobic coatings and resists. These efforts, aided by a 1989 Phase II grant from NSF, resulted in a broad range of intellectual property.Digital PCR methods and technology, co-invented in 1995 in a collaboration with the National Institutes of Health, were purchased by Life Technologies in June 2009, and reorganization of the Cytonix Corporation led to the formation of Cytonix LLC.