The SAR-1000 is our newest and most advanced ventilator for mice, rats, and other small animals. It follows in the tradition of our ever popular SAR-830 series, which has been an international standard for over twenty years. We incorporated the latest in digital control and advanced sensor technology to produce our easiest-to-use and most accurate ventilator yet. All settings such as respiratory rate, tidal volume, end-inspiratory pressure, I/E ratio, and more, are set directly from the front panel. All user-settings and computed measurements (such as Minute Ventilation) are clearly displayed on the backlit LCD panel. An LED pressure bargraph shows instantaneous airway pressure for easy monitoring of ventilator operation.All CWE ventilators have a built-in remote control interface. Our customers have come up with a surprising variety of uses for this feature, including synchronized gating of imaging systems, servo control of end-tidal CO2, neural triggering, and more. The SAR-1000 retains this handy remote control port, but adds a USB interface for additional remote setup and monitoring functions. Optional software is available for easy-to-use remote operation.