Custom Hospital Products Inc

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Custom Hospital Products is your resource for:-Surgical dressings-Wound dressings-Gauze pads and packing-Bandages-Cotton products-Medical suppliesChoose Sterile and Non-Sterile surgical dressing packaging options.Now you can order just what you need. Minimum order is only one case. If you don't find what you are looking for, or have a specific packaging or product request, just let us know and we will help you find a custom solution.WE HAVE BEEN SUPPLYING MEDICAL PRODUCTS SINCE 1975!Since 1975, hospitals, medical offices and health care clinics have relied on Custom Hospital Products to fulfill specific surgical dressing, wound care, medical supply and patient care needs. In some cases, a physician may require certain packing, dressing or padding for surgery or wound care. We also find that some surgeons, as part of their procedures, require specific packaging of gauze, packing and cotton products. We are your number one source for both common and uncommon surgical dressing products.WE OFFER STERILE OR NON-STERILE OPTIONS:Most products are available in either sterile or non-sterile packaging. You can order small quantity case sizes are larger quantities depending on your usage and inventory systems.