Continental Metal Products Co Inc

Endorse Company
CMP manufactured stainless steel food service equipment. The equipment was primarily for use in commercial facilities. The company made both individual pieces of equipment and whole kitchens for many different types of institutions (including hospitals).Harry Siegal was always looking for new products and better manufacturing methods. As a result of his association with the food service areas in hospitals he decided to develop additional products. These new products were to be used in areas of the hospitals other than the food service areas. The new products drew upon CMP's experience working with stainless steel (which is easy to clean and disinfect and lasts for years and years) and CMP's refrigeration, plumbing, and electrical background. These new products became the Nourishment Centers, Medicine Centers, Warming Cabinets, Scrub Sinks, and Storage Cabinets that comprise CMP's major product lines today.