A Finger Sensor for Complete Continuous Hemodynamics CNSystems Medizintechnik AG is an Austrian company specialized in the development of non-invasive medical devices designed for the real-time evaluation of the complete hemodynamics as well as of the autonomic cardiovascular control.

Closing the cycle of prevention, (early) diagnosis and hemodynamic monitoring , the company succeeded in revolutionizing the cardiovascular and autonomic assessment by its Task Force® Monitor (e.g. for Syncope assessment, AV-optimization of CRT-pacemakers) and established the method of continuous non-invasive blood pressure and hemodynamic monitoring only by means of a simple finger sensor also in the perioperative and anesthesia field with its latest product, the CNAP® Monitor 500 HD .

The focus consists in raising the level of information and comfort to physicians and significantly decreasing the risk of complications for the patients making as a result first class medical treatment much cheaper and therefore affordable to patients and hospitals. CNAP® is also appreciated as validated and easy-to-use research tool.