The Habitat Monitor Digital Hygrometer Can Automatically Control Humidity in Your Cigar Humidor, Guitar Cabinet or Wine CellarIdeal for Regulating:• Cigar humidifiers• Guitar humidifiers• Wine Cellar humidifiers, heaters and coolers• Reptile Aquarium heaters & humidifiers• Greenhouse humidifiers, heaters & coolers• Piano & other Acoustic Instrument humidifiers, heaters and coolers."Set & Forget" Your Habitat Monitor Hygrometer System to maintain the proper humidity and temperature in your wine cellar, cigar humidor, guitar cabinet, reptile aquarium, piano room, greenhouse, clean room, firearm cabinet and any acoustic instrument storage space. The Habitat Monitor hygrometer can be used to automatically regulate a cigar humidor humidifier, wine cellar humidifier and cooler, or an acoustic guitar humidifier to keep your humidity and temperature at ideal levels.