Clinitex s.r.o.

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Company Profile CLINITEX “… ART OF DRESSING UP“ CLINITEX Ltd is the Czech company with a motto of “… ART OF DRESSING UP“: We are a producer and distributor of medical wear and clothing suitable for health care environment, surgical gowns, bedclothes with close up at rent of the textile to industrial laundries market or end consumption. Individual and professional attitude is ensured by experienced and well trained members of staff, with the help of sophisticated development and design of softwares and machines. The headquarters are based in Ostrava. Main commodities of CLINITEX Ltd production: Medical ready-to-wear clothes Fashionable medical wear Patient´s clothing Bed linen for healthcare and hotel environment Reusable surgical drapes, gowns and clean air clothing used as healthcare devices for patients, according to EN 13795+A1 Incontinence pads and absorption aids as medical devices Functional clothing for paramedics Human Resources 34 production (sewing workshop) /4 cutting workshop /2 output control/2 transport /1 warehouse/3 development and design/6 business department/3 economic department / 3 top management. Timeline 1993 the establishment of Petr Bukovski – the company for textile production suitable for health care environment 2005 separation of medicalwear division and establishment of CLINITEX CZ Ltd 2008 completion of development of medical garments according to EN 13795 as a medical device 2013 entering the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices 2014 realization of extensive refurbishment 2014 introduction of incontinence supplies as a medical device 2015 completion of development of paramedic garments CLINITEX Ltd is the holder of following certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Information on the company and products: