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Company Profile SPECIALIST IN SILICONE COMPONENTS AND CATHETERS In CIKAUTXOMEDICAL ( we are specialists in manufacturing silicone components and cathetersfor the medical sector. We stablished in 1971 and we are a member of MONDRAGON Group, a Corporation involving more than 80.000 employees. We are a global organization committed to the innovation, design, manufacturing andsupply ofpolymeric single use devices. Our goal is to provide the products needed to drive your company's growth. Our key figures are: - 250 million euro turnover and2.800 employees.11 plantsWorldwide with our head-quarters in Berriatua, Basque Country, north of Spain. - Specialists inpolymeric injection and extrusion components, tubingand catheters. - ISO 7 & 8 Clean rooms. - On-Time logistics and ISO 13485 certified. - Engineering, Prototyping, Testing, Simulation, Laboratory capabilities. - R&D and Innovation team in-house for value added features (coatings and compounding, materials, sensors, others) We offer complete in-house capabilities from design assistance, compound development, laboratory testing,tool construction, sub-assembly and full service quality assurance. Contact us for any demanding precision moldedpolymeric application.