Cardiopulmonary Corp

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Cardiopulmonary Corp. (CPC) designs, develops, and distributes Bernoulli Enterprise Management System software and telemedicine solutions, which provide continuous, central and remote, real-time surveillance of the patient bedside from a plurality of medical devices. Bernoulli uses web-based and state of the art wired or wireless network technology to interface with medical devices that have RS-232, Ethernet, or nurse call data interfaces. While the device alarms should always be considered primary, instantaneous secondary remote and central station monitoring of alarms, settings, and patient data is made possible along with real-time waveform display. This data is also available for triage to remote enunciator and display devices, enabling designated clinicians to respond immediately to time sensitive medical situations. An alarm log for each device is maintained, documenting the alarm, the condition of the device at the time of the alarm, and when response to the alarm occurred. Beyond essential benefits of reducing risk for patients connected to medical devices, Bernoulli is also designed to be an advanced data storage and retrieval application. It monitors all transmitted information and translates data into an easy to use and understandable format, made available at central stations or remotely through the hospital's network. Clinicians are able to view all Bernoulli data, including waveform displays, using computers at remote locations. Bernoulli documents and stores routine status checks, mandated on patient monitors, ventilators and other medical devices by the Joint Commission of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), reducing the time clinicians typically spend on documentation and improving the accuracy of the reporting through the elimination of transcript errors. Bernoulli also trends each patient's data, to facilitate the review and increase the quality of patient assessment.