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Calibrate, Inc., a leading provider of on-site and mail-in pipette calibration and repair services, today announced the launch of its User Qualification Clinic program. The program is designed to meet client needs for staff training in pipetting technique with the goal of reducing pipette-related errors and improving both the quality and efficiency of laboratory operations. Featuring original content, expert instruction and personalized attention, the program marks the next step towards Calibrate's goal of providing a full range of pipette-related services.Calibrate will host half-day clinics with two distinct sessions. Session One's presentation provides the framework for understanding and minimizing sources of error in pipetting, with topics ranging from choosing the right pipette for each job to controlling environmental influences when you're at the bench. Session Two provides hands-on instruction in pipettor functionality and pipetting technique before participants go through our state-of-the-art proficiency testing program. Calibrate works with each participant to improve technique until they get passable results, at which point they earn their certificate of User Qualification.