Bussman Medical & Research BV

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Bussman builds your new healthcare facility Bussman is a company that has been constructing temporary accommodation for over 35 years now. Bussman designs, builds and installs temporary, semi-permanent and permanent buildings for a wide range of applications. The number of projects realised in the health care sector has increased sharply in recent years. Temporary accommodation is being used increasingly often for high-quality use requirements, therefore the market demands specialisation. It has now been 10 years since Bussman made a conscious decision to focus primarily on developing and building facilities for the health care sector. Bussman has made a major investment in gathering and developing the knowledge necessary for this advanced sector. Many companies can construct a fine building whereas Bussman has specific expertise in developing, designing, building and equipping that building for the requirements of the user. For example, Bussman supplies dialysis centres, X-ray diagnosis units and complete surgery theatres with central sterilisation departments. This means that we often act more as a partner to our clients than as a supplier. Involving Bussman at an early stage of the planning process allows us to constructively contribute ideas. This contribution is not only hugely appreciated by our clients, but often also results in very substantial savings. It is precisely on the drawing board that significant efficiency benefits can often be realised, in terms of both time and money. Experience in health care Some examples of the health care projects we have recently delivered are listed below: General • Several GP practices, ranging from solo practices to ‘Pharmacy and GP Under One Roof’ practices • Pharmacies • A residential building for a psychiatric institution • Treatment rooms for physiotherapy Hospital-related • Various dialysis centres • An ophthalmology clinic, including two operating theatres • Various radiology buildings, for both MRI and CT • Endoscopy units • Various extensions of outpatients’ departments with consulting and treatment rooms • Maternity suites • Various interim OT complexes • A permanent treatment centre of > 4,000 m² which houses a complete OT complex, consulting and treatment rooms and bedrooms. BUSSMAN has different unit lines in its portfolio. We exclusively use our ‘Top Lijn’ (Top Line) for health care applications. The ‘Top Lijn’ is not only the top product in our portfolio, but also the best of what is available in unit construction in the Netherlands and Europe. BUSSMAN has these units manufactured to its own specifications. Therefore, we can deviate from standard specifications if required, and adjust these in line with client requirements. For example, the height of the units in an OT complex is adapted to the specific requirements for the air treatment installation the client wishes to have built in.